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PowerPoint file comparison as a new feature of Compare Suite

Starting version 7.0 in Compare Suite implemented very useful feature for all people who use presentations as an instrument of daily work

New PowerPoint converter for ppt and pptx files

New PowerPoint converter for ppt and pptx files

Control of changes in your presentation is much easier with Compare Suite

There are many organizations in the whole world the beginning and end of any business activity is marked by the PowerPoint presentation. In the any stages of an initiative, PowerPoint is used in strategy sessions, to present proposals and put forth plans. PowerPoint is everywhere. So as many PowerPoint files we create it is harder to control all the changes we made with one or another presentation.

Compare Suite has been developed as universal instrument that could be able to help peoples save time and speed up many routine procedures such as file comparison contrast with many popular formats. Now there's one more popular format is supported in Compare Suite. It's PowerPoint format of documents.

There are benefits of new PowerPoint converter:

  • ppt and pptx files are fully supported;

  • PowerPoint documents can be compared equally with other formats;

  • Highlighting differences between compared documents;
  • Compare Suite can be used as PowerPoint to text converter if required.

Your presentation after convertation in Compare Suite

Your presentation after convertation in Compare Suite

Step-by-step guide on how to enable PowerPoint converter:

Download Compare Suite

Purchase Compare Suite

  1. Run Compare Suite by double clicking on it's icon on your desktop.
  2. Click "Tools";
  3. Choose "Options" ;
  4. Open the section "MS Power Point";
  5. Mark a checkbox if it's disabled before;
  6. Procedure of comparison ppt and pptx files is the same as other formats

Other features

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