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Synchronize, contemporize or merge content of two folders with Compare Suite

Select appropriate synchronization options in Synchronization wizard

Select the direction of the synchronization, then select what program should do if it found collision during synchronization.

Starting version 6.0 Compare Suite can synchronize the content of two folders.

Synchronize or contemporize folders

Follow simple steps to synchronize the content of the folders:

  1. Run comparison of the folders.

  2. Then click Synchronize folders button button

  3. Select appropriate synchronization options and click Execute

Two folders can be synchronized. Use Synchronize Folders button on the toolbar to run the Synchronization wizard.

The program will not only synchronize files between two folders, but will also detects if there collisions, e.g. case where there are two files with the same name, but with different content.

  • Wizard allows to select the direction of synchronization;
  • Wizard allows to select what the program should do in case of collision;
  • Another way to run synchronization is using the command line interface;

With Folder Synchronization function it is easy to merge two folders to keep the content of the folders synchronized, not just equal, as Compare Suite has its powerful algorithm for collision detection and resolution.

Command line interface during folder synchronization

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The latest version of Compare Suite supports folders synchronization.

Find below some samples on running synchronization with command line:

-action:sync -LDir:"h:\left_dir -RDir:"h:\right_dir" -direction:all -collision:Replace


-action:sync - is switch which indicates that there are parameters for folder synchronization;

-LDir: and -RDir: - are folders to be synchronized

-direction:all - the direction of synchronization, possible values are:

  • all - bidirectional;
  • R2L - from right to left;
  • L2R - from left to right
-collision:Replace - the action the program should perform in a case of collision, possible parameters:
  • Replace - will replace files accordingly to synchronization direction;
  • RIfNewIsNewer - replace if the file to be replaced with is newer than file to be replaced;
  • RIfNewIsOlder - replace if the file to be replaced with is older than file to be replaced;
  • None - do nothing if there is a collision


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