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Comparison - Plugins options

Introduction - Functions - Interface

Compare Suite includes following plugins:

MS Office plugins:

- for MS Word files (.doc)

- for MS Excel files (.xls)

Web Pages plugins:

- for .htm and .html files

Adobe Acrobat plugins:

- for .pdf files

Binary plugins:

- for .exe, .com, .dll, .sys, .cpl, .ocx, .bin

Archive files:

- zip archives

XML file

- XML (Extensible Markup Language) files

Files with links

- .url and .lnk files

Multimedia files:

- avi,mpg,mpeg,mp2,mp3,wav,asf

Compare Suite will compare information from this files, for instance for avi file the information might looks like:

  • Major Type: Video Format: VideoInfo XVID 704X576, 24 bits
  • Major Type: Audio Format: WaveFormatEx: MPEGLAYER3, 48000 Hertz, 0 Bits, 2 Channels

For advanced comparison of audio files check Audio Comparer.


- jpg,jpeg,gif,bmp,wmf,ico

Compare Suite will compare information available in files' headers, the information might looks like this:

  • Picture info :
  • FileSize 7909 Bytes
  • Size 740x71
  • Bits per color 24
  • Compression quality 90%

Please, note: each plug-in is associated with a certain extension, you can edit the plug-in extension edit box to add more associations.

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