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Does it compare files and folders?

You work on what you do best

Compare Suite can compare any to any file. Also,  it can compare folders and files in them. It supports most popular office file formats, such as Word and Excel documents, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Web Pages. But the key idea is that with Compare Suite you can concentrate on what you do best. As Compare Suite will do what it can do best - compare files and folders. Read more about comparing files with Compare Suite.




Does it make your work more productive?

Just makes it interesting

Compare Suite can compare files by characters, by words or by keywords. When doing intellectual research comparing by keywords is most useful. For instance, you can have two absolutely non-related documents. Looking at mostly used keywords in both files, you can learn what are two documents about and what is the focus of particular document. Read more: Comparison by keywords will appear in Compare Suite 2.0, but you can try it now using on-line version.



Does it let you to collaborate better?

Just makes it pleasant

Compare Suite has a comparative report that allows to  collaborate better. You can generate comparative report and it can be send by e-mail to your co-worker. It's pleasant to use some parts of comparative report in your analysis note. You can paste some document's fragments with highlighted differences. Read more about comparative report.






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