Compare Source Codes, XML, and HTML Files with Compare Suite

Compare Suite was not designed with software engineers or testers in mind, but it appeared that most of the features that office users like, are recognized by software professionals as well. We had no option, but to add even more features that have made Compare Suite a good choice for any software development team.

Line and block comments ignored

Two .php source files are compared in Compare Suite. Line and block comments (marked with yellow) are ignored.

Compare exe and dll files with a reliable diff tool

Compare Suite supports binary formats like .exe or .dll

Here is what Compare Suite offers:

  • Ability to compare source codes
  • Ability to compare binary files (.dll and .exe)
  • Syntax highlighting for the most popular source code formats (C++, .pas, .java, …)
  • Ability to ignore the comments during a comparison (the program recognizes one-line comments as well as block comments)
  • 3-way comparison allows one to compare 3 versions at once
  • Command line support for an automation purposes

Enjoy the new 3 way comparison feature

Let’s review the features that might be interesting for software engineers and testers.

Supported Formats

Syntax highlighting is available for the following formats and extensions:

  • ObjectPascal (pas, pp, dpr, dpk, inc)
  • HTML (htm, html)
  • C+ (c, cpp, cc, h, hp, cxx, hxx, cu)
  • CSharp (cs)
  • CascadngStyleShet (css)
  • JavaScript (js)
  • XML (xml, xsd, xsl, xslt, dtd)
  • MS-Dos Batc (bat, cmd)
  • PHP (php, php3, phtml, inc)
  • Assembly (asm)
  • SQL (sql)
  • VisualBasic (bas, vb)
  • MS-VBScript (vbs)

Use a reliable file compare utility to compare php extension

What if a file extension that you work with is not on the list? Go to the Tools > Options > File Comparison > Syntax Highlighting. There you will find the list of used highlighters, and you can add your extension to the most similar highlighter that already exists there.

Compare pp extension to find mistakes in codes

Once a comparison is started, you can also change the highlighter that was applied automatically to the file. For example, if inside you PHP there an insertion of HTML, then you might want to switch to an HTML highlighter temporarily.

Command Line Execution

One of the most important things for a software developer is to be able to execute the program via the command line. Normally, it takes time to learn and test all command line parameters. To help with this process, Compare Suite has an “Integration manager” that makes it easy to build command line parameters. Learn more…

Compare two files or folders via command line

  • For sure, the command line interface and integration manager make an integration with 3rd party tools much easier.

If you are planning to use Compare Suite in your automated test script, then you will find this case study useful.

Wise archive management

A typical situation is when something started working wrong in the code and you want to compare the current version with the previous one. You can get a previous version from your versions control system or you probably have it in your local backup.

  • Compare Suite can open your .rar or .zip archive, so that you don’t need to unpack it before. Read more…

The content of two MS Word .docx documents is compared

Another useful tip about archives: those who work with the newest version of MS Word know that .docx and .xlsx files are actually archives that keep inside separate data about the formatting and the content. Try sending two Word files for the comparison and you’ll see that Compare Suite suggests to you several comparison options, including opening Word files as archives.

XML comparison

Among the formats mentioned above is XML. Together with XML syntax highlighting and Compare Suite folder that allows folding/unfolding changes, the review of two XML files is really pleasant.

Two XML documents compared

HTML Comparison

Few words about HTML comparison:

  • Compare Suite can actually compare webpage files as a code (needed for any webmaster) and
  • as a page as it is seen in a browser.

The source code of two HTML pages is compared. Compare Suite can also compare browser view of webpages.

Software developers mostly use code comparison, but it’s good to know that you can also switch to the browser version of the document.

Compare Link

Compare Suite supports .lnk and .url files as well. It can open the link content and follow it. For example, if you point Compare Suite to .lnk file that is linked to an application, then Compare Suite will go directly to the comparison of that application. The same applied to the .url files and web pages.

COM Server

Compare Suite can work as a COM server for the purpose of comparison as well. For more details check out COM folder in Compare Suite installation. You will find there COM server application, as well as examples client applications.

Software Developers About Compare Suite

Here what our users say about Compare Suite.

We use your product to compare a library of program distributive with reference archive copy of the same programs after each antivirus scan. Read more…

Yury StepanovIT Director, Itfin, Russia, Moscow

We are using the features of Comparing Folders, Ignore Line option (not ignore by keywords), XML Comparing (XML is not Sorted but Compare Suite sorts it before comparing) and using command line calls. The file formats are PDF, XML, Text & CSV.  Read more…

Paul Geraci, Analyst Programmer, Friends First Holdings Ltd, Ireland

We use it for comparing different documents with previous versions to ensure the documents are repopulating each week. This is one of our quality assurance measures. Read more…

Nykole Masters, Information Quality Analyst, AHS, Calgary, AB, Canada

I have used the Compare Suite program to perform User Acceptance testing of data transfer utilities. The product is very easy to use but has a wide range of functionality. I particularly like the reporting options and formatsRead more…

Anthony Frend, Scientific Support Analyst, Huntingdon Life Sciences, Alconbury, UK

The comparison of files used in automated processes vs. the manually created files in order to validate the automation process. Read more…

Frank Duffy, Integration and Data Warehouse Manager, CommVault Systems, Inc., NJ, USA

Compare Suite is used to compare different versions of code files (.sql) that are usually outside the version control system. Moreover, it is used to compare flat .txt files that are used for communicating data between the bank and other organizations. Read more…

Theodore Bosinakis, Database developer, Greece.

Are you software engineer or tester? We are interested in hearing your experience with the product. Please, feel free to share in the comments.

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Compare Suite Video Introduction
Download free 30-day trial version.

Where Compare Suite is used:

Compare Suite Features:

Compare FileCompare documents to find differences regardless of the format: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF.

Compare FoldersCompare two local or remote folders to find and synchronize any changes made.

Compare by KeywordsUse the keywords comparison to analyze non-related documents created from different formats.

Compare ArchiveArchive comparison: compare Rar and Zip archive files without unpacking / unzipping.

COmpare Web-PageCompare web pages as code with HTML tags or as text as seen in a web browser.

Compare ImagesCompare two images of various formats to find all possible differences, even slight ones.

Compare MultimediaMultimedia comparison. Compare information from multimedia and graphic formats.

Ignore WordsIgnore words. Compare Suite can ignore certain keywords or strings during comparison.

Integrate with DMSDMS Integration. Easily integrate Compare Suite into 3rd party document management systems.

Highlight SyntaxSyntax highlighting for .pas, .asm., cpp, PHP, XML, bat, css, dpk, xsl files supported.

Compare FTPCompare files located on FTP as easily as on hard drives or local area networks.

Compare Command LineUse command line to automate comparisons and integrate it with 3rd party tools.

Compare UnicodeUNICODE is fully supported: open and compare documents in any language or encoding.

Review compared documents:

Compare ReportCreate a fully customizable comparison report on two files or folders.

Compare CommentsWrite your own comments on changes you or your colleagues make, improving collaboration.

Audit DocumentUse document audit to accept or decline changes made in plain text files.

What is Compare Suite?

  • It is a file compare tool
  • In office Compare Suite helps to compare word files, Excel spreadsheets, web-pages
  • Software developers and web-masters use Compare Suite to do version compare, approve changes in documents or compare certain file types like XML, PHP, C-Sharp
  • Office managers use Compare Suite to diff PDF files, compare invoice files
  • Compare Suite also make it much easier synchronization of directories