Find Changes in Texts, Files, and Folder – Case Studies

Learn more about how people use Compare Suite to optimize their daily routine. Some compare texts,  others control changes made by their team.

Compare Suite is a perfect tool to merge folders

Use Compare Suite as tool for comparing folders and files to one another

Compare Suite as helpful tool for designers:
Compare Suite has become an invaluable tool for comparing folders and files to one another. In going through the Engineering Drive of our file server, I found two folders containing approximately the same name and number of files.
Robert Sweet., Lamplight., Menomonee Falls, WI. Designer/CAD Admin.
Compare Suite as duplicate finder:
We all know that duplication of files is nothing but trouble, and can cause enormous loses in corporate profits, and credibility. Compare Suite has helped me to Alleviate these duplication problems.

Use Compare Suite for comparing text files

Compare Suite helps scientist:

Already using Compare Suite for comparing text files. Looking forward for MS Word file comparison to proof-read my research reports through Compare Suite.

S. Adhinarayanan, SSSIHMS, India. Scientist.

Easy comparison:

Simple to use, very effective in performance, elegant in reporting. The first ever freeware that amazed me with it’s comparison and reporting abilities and working with it is a wonderful experience.

Use Compare Suite to easily finding differences in files and folders

Compare Suite helps software engineer:

The Product is very helpful in easily finding differences or making comparison to files and folders. With it’s easy to use and personalize tools and functions, Compare Suite has easily made my job lighter. With more programming languages that it can identify, Compare Suite is one of the most versatile and affordable comparison program there is in the market.

Polo Crispo E. Romagos, Accenture, Manadluyong City.  Software Engineer

Compare Suite is effective and easy to use even if there are substantial differences between the documents being compared.

Compare suite as helpful tool:

The product is effective and easy to use, even if there are substantial differences between the docuents being compared. It requires only minimal training. It is fast. It provides useful reports which enable differences between different versions of documents to be identified quickly.

Peter Tiffin, Lynwood, Hawthorndene.Principal.

Compare Suite as useful tool:

The reports can be printed and therefore used by people other than the computer operator.

Use Compare Suite to track changes in documents that are updated by a variety of people

Compare Suite helps to track changes:

I use Compare Suite to check whether there are differences between documents and to see, at a glance, the changes that have been made.

C Sunman, Assessment Co-ordinator, Association of Business Executives, London

Compare Suite as helpful tool:

I have found this product to be useful in both of my recent places of work. It is especially helpful if changes have not been tracked in documents that are updated by a variety of people. I used to verify that documents were identical by visually checking them. This product can give me that information almost instantaneously and reliably. If the documents are not identical, it shows me, at a glance, what changes have been made and which is the most recent document.

Use Compare Suite to compare a lot of files

To compare a lot of files, the majority of them in greek, to compare for eliminating our archives.

Although I am satisfied with what I’ve seen so far with the free edition, I would like to better test it so as to see what further it has to offer and if it cover the needs that we have and if it is suitable for the things we want to do.

Theodore Grigoriou, Athens, Greece

Use Compare Suite to find differences between two files

Compare Suite as a helpful tool to find differences. The coloring system is a helpful tool to identify the added, deleted, modified changes between two file. However, it would be tremendously helpful if the comparison can line up the header with the data to truly distinguish the differences location. As of now, I have to trace character by character. I ended up doing the comparison in Microsoft Excel to get better location of the differences. The report is not printable. The display on the report does wrap when the texts were long. It is extremely inconvenience to view the differences.

Duyen Pham, Multnomah County, Portland, Oregon. Business Consultant.

Duyen, thank you a lot for sharing your opinion. I’d like to share some ideas that can help you use Compare Suite more effectively.

You mentioned that the report is not printable as the lines are not wrapped. That’s true for the HTML report. It was designed to have a view of the changes found and be able to share it with colleagues. If you want to have a printable report then you need to make a general “MS Word” report. This function is located in File> Reports menu. Lines in this type of the report are wrapped and printer-friendly.

HTML Report in Compare Suite

As for a better line up of the data, it would help a lot if you could share two files that you are trying to compare. Probably we could improve the algorithm..

Use Compare Suite to compare files

I use Compare Suite for personal needs to compare files.

Alex, Manager, Arka, Russia.

Compare Suite program is really very comfortable. This program demonstrates the differences of files. When I installed Compare Suite other compare programs were not needed anymore. Compare Suite’s interface is easy to use. Functions are intuitive. I am happy to use Compare Suite for my household needs. I highly recommend to all users to use the Compare Suite because it is a good program.

A note from developers

Thank you for sharing your ideas about Compare Suite. We designed this program with home users in mind, so all the powerful compare features it has are actually packed into the form of a user-friendly interface. While you mentioned that you used the program for your personal needs only, there are some features (mostly in the PRO version), that will help you to automate compare tasks that you might have in your company.

For example it is great for comparison of the revisions of legal documents, as well as technical documents. For example, it can compare two files and ignore lines that contain some information that is not relevant, such as a date stamp that is normally placed in the bottom part of each page.

It would be great if you could share specific details about how you apply Compare Suite, and where exactly it helps. This will certainly show us a right direction for the future development of the product.

Use Compare Suite to optimize space usage in data center

I plan to offer my customers a service to optimize usage of disk space that they rent in my datacenter. I hope to use your tool for this.

Yury Stepanov, ItFin, Russia

I can say that the Compare Suite Standard has sufficient functionality for most tasks of datcenter administrator. However there’s not enough documentation for Compare Suite Standard Edition for the results of comparison. It makes additional difficulties to integrate your product into a single software environment. It would be useful to have access to objects of automation (COM) [available in the latest versions].

A note from developers:

Yury, thank you for sharing your opinion with us. It’s always interesting to learn that people apply Compare Suite in various industries and for various tasks.

You mention that it would be great for Compare Suite to have a COM interface. Actually, it already has it! Check the version of Compare Suite that you are using, if it is 8.0 or higher, then you have it to. Here is the instruction about finding all necessary details for COM interface.
Also, when you mentioned disk space usage, I thought about our File Search Assistant, there is a disk space usage< analysis function there, that you might suggest to your users as well. As for integration, here is how Compare Suit is typically integrated with 3rd party tools. You can use a command line interface and starting with version 8 COM interface is available as well.

Compare Suite helps in removal of disk space wasting files

Very effective tool for assisting in the removal of disk space wasting files including image and document files.

Charles McIntosh, Service officer, Registers of Scotland, Edinburgh Scotland

This is a First rate well developed product, it is relatively easy to deploy and in terms of “getting to know” has been designed to encourage regular PC users to perform intuitively, it is fundamentally straightforward to use.The system also has well designated powerful features which can assist in advancing the organisation of the file/folder status within the structure of the users it system. There is also an attractive visual appeal and this engages use by the individual.

A note from developers:

Charles, thank you very much for your opinion. You are right; we have invested a lot in designing a good interface for file compare product. There are other compare tools on the market, but we always had a feeling that they are made by software developers for software developers.

Well, our target user groups are software developers as well, but as you have noticed we are trying to talk with our users via intuitive interface. From the very beginning we thought about office workers who will use Compare Suite daily to compare Word, Excel and PDF, not just about software developers that always need some technical things like a 3-way comparison.

Compare Excel Spreadsheet in Compare Suite

As for your task, it’s curious to see that the administrator of data center from Russia is using Compare Suite for the similar task. Here is what he said, in “a note from developer” I’m giving there some useful links, for example to a COM interface that makes the integration with 3rd parties easier and File Search Assistant product, that is an excellent choice for those who are trying to find out what files occupy all the disk space.

Reconcile identical copies

I used Compare Suite’s folder comparison feature when I needed to reconcile what should have been identical copies of files in two different locations. Because of a Windows issue, the copies were no longer identical.

Don Bannister, Engineer, UK

I was impressed with AKS Labs customer support. I had an initial issue with Compare Suite Light crashing when making a particular selection from the menu, but following a number of email exchanges, they managed to fix it after only a few days. To get such a level of support on a free version of software is fairly unusual. I look forward to using it for file content comparison tasks.

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Compare Suite Video Introduction
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Where Compare Suite is used:

Compare Suite Features:

Compare FileCompare documents to find differences regardless of the format: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF.

Compare FoldersCompare two local or remote folders to find and synchronize any changes made.

Compare by KeywordsUse the keywords comparison to analyze non-related documents created from different formats.

Compare ArchiveArchive comparison: compare Rar and Zip archive files without unpacking / unzipping.

COmpare Web-PageCompare web pages as code with HTML tags or as text as seen in a web browser.

Compare ImagesCompare two images of various formats to find all possible differences, even slight ones.

Compare MultimediaMultimedia comparison. Compare information from multimedia and graphic formats.

Ignore WordsIgnore words. Compare Suite can ignore certain keywords or strings during comparison.

Integrate with DMSDMS Integration. Easily integrate Compare Suite into 3rd party document management systems.

Highlight SyntaxSyntax highlighting for .pas, .asm., cpp, PHP, XML, bat, css, dpk, xsl files supported.

Compare FTPCompare files located on FTP as easily as on hard drives or local area networks.

Compare Command LineUse command line to automate comparisons and integrate it with 3rd party tools.

Compare UnicodeUNICODE is fully supported: open and compare documents in any language or encoding.

Review compared documents:

Compare ReportCreate a fully customizable comparison report on two files or folders.

Compare CommentsWrite your own comments on changes you or your colleagues make, improving collaboration.

Audit DocumentUse document audit to accept or decline changes made in plain text files.

What is Compare Suite?

  • It is a file compare tool
  • In office Compare Suite helps to compare word files, Excel spreadsheets, web-pages
  • Software developers and web-masters use Compare Suite to do version compare, approve changes in documents or compare certain file types like XML, PHP, C-Sharp
  • Office managers use Compare Suite to diff PDF files, compare invoice files
  • Compare Suite also make it much easier synchronization of directories