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Download the latest fully-function 30-day evaluation version. Note: you can use the evaluation version for 30-days with no functional limitation.

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We will follow up with you with lessons about Compare Suite. Our goal is to show you key features of Compare Suite and how these features can help you.

Download Compare Suite

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Version history

 The version history of Compare Suite releases. Check the full version history of Compare Suite project.

System requirements

Find below minimum and recommended system components to install and use Compare Suite.


  1. 15 MB of free disk space;
  2. Windows 10, 7;


  1. 50 Mb free disk space for temporary data that Compare Suite creates while comparing large folder structures (about 1000 of files and folders) and generating advanced report. Note: for simple comparison and full report you are not limited by free disk space;
  2. Internet Explorer 4 or higher – for correct comparison reports;
  3. MS Office, with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel installed for comparison of Word and Excel documents;